Portable Fire Extinguishers

Aside from being a requirement in any fire safety plan, Portable Fire Extinguishers serve another important purpose – as a first line of defense in a fire and they can be used to successfully contain or eliminate 98% of all fires.  Diversified Fire & Safety, Inc. will not only install Portable Fire Extinguishers as a part of your safety plan, but we will insure that you have the proper Fire Extinguisher for the probable hazard in any area, and that all Fire Extinguishers are maintained and tested regularly. Our technicians all hold all state permits, NAFED certification and complete manufacturer training.We offer:

  • A full line of Portable Fire Extinguishers from 2.5 lb. hand portables to 2500 lb. skid mounted units
  • A complete line of brackets & cabinetry
  • Monthly inspections and annual maintenance as required by OSHA & NFPA
  • Installation of products to assure that all ADA, NFPA and OSHA requirements are met
  • Specialty Extinguishers that match specific hazards to the proper extinguishing agent (Class K: Kitchen, FE-36 or Halotron I: Data/Server Room, CO2: Electrical Rooms)
  • Non-magnetic units for use in MRI Rooms
  • Mobile service units that prevent business interruption or a lapse in coverage.
  • Maintenance such as repairs, recharges, six-year maintenance and high & low pressure hydrostatic testing
  • Notification 30 days prior to the expiration date on the certification tag to avoid any lapse in compliance
  • OSHA required employee training, including classroom instruction with video and live-fire demonstration

For more information or an onsite consultation contact us at: info@diversifiedfiresafety.com