The Safety and Security of Your Building and its Occupants is our Top Priority

Safety is a concern for everyone.  But sometimes in the day-to-day madness that is the schedule of a property or operations manager, or even a building owner – dealing with tenants, move-ins, build-outs, and regular maintenance issues – inspections for your fire safety system, or worse, other safety issues, might get pushed to the back burner. And that can have serious consequences.

Diversified Fire & Safety, Inc. (DFS) is here to make your job easier. We understand how busy your schedule is and we want to help. The safety and satisfaction of our customers is paramount to our success.

What Can Diversified Fire & Safety, Inc. do for you?

DFS is a full service fire safety company with one concern – the safety and security of your employees, customers, and the contents of your business.  We install, maintain, inspect, test and correct deficiencies in all types of fire safety devices and systems:

More than just inspecting and testing the devices, Diversified Fire & Safety will inspect your facility and bring our experience, knowledge, technology and training to the table to provide the solutions for your safety concerns.

We also understand how challenging it can be to keep up with the safety devices and the required inspections, and fire regulations – and we’re here to help.  We will maintain your building and its contents in our database and keep you informed anytime a device is due for inspection or testing, or if there is a change in the fire code regulations that affects any part of your safety plan.  We will schedule all visits at your convenience, and you no longer have to keep track of when everything needs to be done.

Online Reports

At DFS, we understand the importance of record keeping – and being able to have access to up-to-the minute, accurate records.  That’s why all of the reports you need can be accessed anytime from any computer.  All of your records are stored on a secure server that requires password access.

Call us today for a professional evaluation of your building’s fire safety needs: 678.583.9336.