Exit and Emergency Lighting

More than an OSHA or NFPA requirement, a well-designed, properly executed and maintained Exit and Emergency Lighting plan can make a vital difference in a fire.  Smoke, loss of power or both can obscure vision, making it difficult for people who know a building to find their way out – even more of a challenge for guests and visitors to your building.  But having a fully functioning, well thought out Exit Lighting plan can be a lifesaver.
More than just meeting codes, we want to make sure the occupants of your building can find their way out in an emergency, so we offer:

  • Expert Installation
  • Monthly and Annual Inspections and Maintenance
  • A full line of replacement fixtures, bulbs and batteries
  • The simulation of the OSHA required 90-minute test, diagnosis of battery life and verification that charging circuits are functioning properly, all with the use of state-of-the-art battery analyzers

Are all of your Exit and Emergency Lights functioning properly? Would you like to know before an emergency situation occurs? Call us at 678.583.9336 or email us today: info@diversifiedfiresafety.com .